Featured Items

Featured Items

Featured items include a listing of timely clinical resources that aid clinicians in caring for their older adult patients during this complex time. A number for these resources can be utilized in a hospital, post-acute care, or long-term care setting.

Clinician toolkit
Go Care Toolkit


A comprehensive patient-care program that ensures optimal care for older adults in the hospital. HELP prevents delirium (a sudden state of confusion or change in mental state) and loss of functioning.

COVID toolkit

COVID Toolkit

Patient Toolkit with all the materials necessary to help older adults maintain cognitive and physical functioning – and prevent delirium – during their hospital stay. This toolkit is designed to help older adults who are in isolation with no volunteer/family visiting and limited interaction with hospital staff. This resource is applicable for many settings, including but not limited to acute care, long-term care, and the emergency department.     

ED DEL Toolkit

The ED DEL Toolkit

The purpose of this Change Package and Toolkit (ED-DEL) is to provide a structured approach, change strategies, resources, and a step-by-step guide to help you set up a Delirium Program in your Emergency Department (ED). The approach laid out in this Change Package is based on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Breakthrough Series, and many quality improvement concepts were derived from the Model for Improvement.

Mobility Change Toolkit

The Mobility Change Package and Toolkit

The purpose of the Mobility Change Package and Toolkit is to provide a conceptual framework, roadmap, and step-by-step guide to help you and your team implement a Mobility Program at your institution.  The materials also include a comprehensive bibliography, tools, resources, and helpful hints from sites to guide you in this process.  We hope you will find useful guidance, as well as inspiration in these pages.